Memorial Day a time to say ‘thank you’

This weekend, America reflects on the heroism of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice throughout the history of our great nation.  Together, we celebrate and honor them this Memorial Day.  May we always remember the sacrifices made for this country.

Many of us will enjoy extra time with family and friends this holiday weekend.  To those that cannot accept my thanks on behalf of the entire leadership team and all of your colleagues.  Our hospital’s mission and vision never rest, as your dedication shows time and time again.

Thank you for all that you do,

Dennis Rutherford, CPA, CHFP, CGMA

Chief Executive Officer

Gilbert Hospital Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona

Gilbert Hospital, and its affiliate hospital Florence Hospital at Anthem, now accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona insurance.

Effective January 15, 2017, East Valley residents in Metro-Phoenix who have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona medical insurance will soon have another choice for treatment.

“This is great for the two communities and residents we serve in Gilbert, Florence and the East Valley,” said Dennis Rutherford, CPA, CGMA Chief Executive Officer of Gilbert Hospital and Florence Hospital of Anthem. 

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Despite ‘Healthier’ Options, Fast Food Is Still High in Calories

A trip to your local drive-through may present you with more options than you would have had a decade ago. Salads, oatmeal, fruit smoothies – at a glance it’s easy to think that fast food restaurants have upgraded their typical fries and burger fare. However, a closer examination reveals that despite the explosion of ‘healthy’ options, fast food still will not do your waistline any favors.

Katherine W. Bauer of the Temple University Department of Public Health and Center for Obesity Research and Education led a study examining the calorie counts of offerings at eight popular fast food chains. The menu selections and average calorie counts of the last 14 years were tabulated and compared.

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Knowing the Difference Between Good and Bad Cholesterol

The word cholesterol is associated with mostly bad connotations, but what not everyone knows is that there are both good and bad types of cholesterol and getting the balance right is crucial to our well-being.

Good cholesterol, known also as HDL or “High-Density Lipo Protein”, is used by the body in order to clear other cholesterol and arterial plaques and carry them away from the major organs.

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Is Bradycardia Unhealthy?

Bradycardia is a condition where the heart beats slower than normal. This reduction in the heartbeat can lead to a number of health problems and most of them are related to supply less oxygen rich blood to the various parts of the body. There are a number of reasons that can cause bradycardia and most of these reasons can be corrected without the help of surgery. The symptoms of bradycardia are related to the lack of oxygen.

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