Cardiology is the study and treatment of disorders of the heart; it is a medical specialty which is involved in the care of all things associated with the heart and the arteries.


Alphonse M. Ambrosia, DO

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Ambrosia was rated Top Doctor in 2014 by Phoenix Magazine and Top Doctor in 2012 by Ranking Arizona- The Best of Arizona Business.

Alan M. Grossman, MD, FACC, FASNC

Non-Invasive Cardiologist

Dr. Grossman specializes in clinical and consultative cardiology including management of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, valvular heart disease, and arrhythmias

David M. Bell, DO

Invasive Cardiologist

Dr. Bell was rated a 2010 Top Doctor with Phoenix Magazine and specializes in coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, echocardiography, stress testing, cholesterol screening and management.