What Is An Acute Care Hospital?

Over a person’s lifetime, the chances of them needing to go to the hospital are high. Accidents can happen and illnesses can be contracted when we least expect them. In some cases, you might go to the emergency department at your hospital to assess your injury or illness. You can know and read more info if you visit this site.

Hopefully, you won’t require a long stay in the emergency department and you can go back to normal follow up care with your personal doctor. However, if your illness or accident is severe enough, you might require a stay at an acute care hospital.

What Is An Acute Care Hospital?

No, an acute care hospital isn’t a cute, little hospital. It is indeed a real type of hospital. So what is an acute care hospital? Acute care is when you need an extended stay at a hospital in order for medical staff to assist you and your medical needs. Some reasons you might need to stay in an acute care hospital are:

  • You’ve had surgery, whether emergency or scheduled, and you need some time to recover.
  • You’ve had an accident and sustained injuries that need support from a medical team to recover from.
  • An urgent medical condition that needs extended medical supervision.

what is an acute care hospitalAcute care is different from long term care such as nursing homes or chronic care which is ongoing medical care that a person is not expected to recover from. In an acute care hospital, you are expected to recover from your illnesses or injuries. In this setting, a team of medical professionals is there to help you on your road to recovery.

Depending on the severity of your condition, your stay may be short or it could require a longer stay. After your stay in an acute care hospital, you will be discharged and able to go home and back to the care of your primary physician.


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