Patients may be familiar with the cost of getting full dentures that may have lower fees once you are in the stage of denture relining. Although it is a continuous oral treatment, a denture reline cost is less expensive than what most patients expect. There are many types of denture relines that may also confuse you during your first denture relining adjustment.

Dentures are temporary or false teeth that assist many people with their struggle to eat, speak, and drink. While it is true that dentures are comfortable with making, it may need some adjustments as soft tissues in gums still grow. Patients may be familiar with the cost of getting full dentures that may have lower fees once you are in the stage of denture relining. Although it is a continuous oral treatment, a denture reline cost is less expensive than what most patients expect. There are many types of denture relines that may also confuse you during your first denture relining adjustment. But, are denture relines badly needed? Find out more about your dental healthcare by consulting your nearest dental clinic. 


Why Do Dental Patients Need Dentures?

Are you one of the patients looking for a better way to treat your missing or crooked teeth? If you want to chew and eat properly or speak with full clarity, you should get dentures as an oral treatment. Dentures are exceptional as orthodontic treatment with options of partial dentures or complete dentures. These two types fit whichever the mouth shape is. Patients can expect to pay starting from 300 USD and up to at least 3000 USD depending on the dental service needed. For any orthodontic treatment, a patient should also prepare for tooth extraction. Tooth extraction also helps the dentures to become custom fit and sturdy. Dental clinics also offer more permanent solutions like the All-on-4 dental implants but is much more expensive.


What Is A Denture Reline?

On the other hand, if you already have dentures from your previous session with the orthodontist, you may need adjustments due to your growing soft tissues. A denture reline is an oral procedure that reshapes the dentures by filling it with a new cast material for your teeth and gums to adjust. Dentures can be uncomfortable to wear due to how the teeth reposition themselves after quite some time. Hence, dentists may see this initially through your regular checkup. They may prefer you to go back to your choice of doctor of dental medicine, such as your orthodontist or prosthodontist. 


Which Denture Reline Should Patients Have?

Denture Reline Cost Why Is It Needed

Should you have any worries about paying for the dental cost and fees, you should know which type of denture reline is the best for your oral health. In the first oral health clinic session, dental specialists may often suggest having relining so your gum can adjust. However, you should also expect that full dentures and partial dentures may have different services as well. Both reliner fit is made inside a dental clinic or sends it out to a laboratory. Here are some of the reasons why your preferences vary over time.



Often, hard denture reline is made inside a dental clinic. But, it needs a laboratory for further procedures. This method of relines may require patients to wait for a longer period to receive dental treatment. Moreover, the material for the reliner can still become uncomfortable for patients. However, it is the best recommendation for people with full dentures to lessen the chance of the denture reline falling off again. 



A soft denture reline less expensive than a hard relines. However, soft relining lasts for one to two years. A patient may need to go back to a dentist or prosthodontist frequently. Soft relines are recommended for patients with sore spots on their gums while wearing dentures. Patients tend to get this denture reline option more than the other relining due to how comfortable it is. However, as mentioned previously, the appliance may need continuous fine-tuning due to its material. 


How Much Does A Denture Reline Cost? (For Full And Partial Dentures)

A denture reline may have different denture reline cost depending on if it’s a full denture or partial dentures. However, the necessary denture reline cost is 280 USD but may change. If it needs a laboratory procedure, it may go up to 400 USD for partial dentures until 900 USD and above for full dentures. With this idea in mind, many patients may want to do a DIY relines kit instead. Although there are DIY relining kit materials in the market, it can be a risk for a person’s oral health. Besides, the method is a professional dentistry designed practice that needs dental health care professional. It may be best if patients go to a dental office instead to avoid full repair of denture reline that typically costs more. 


Can My Health Insurance Cover Denture Reline Costs?

Many of you may wonder if a health insurance plan can cover denture reline cost. In general, health insurance companies include dentures as part of their health program and plans. However, government plans such as the original Medicaid or Medicare may not cover your dentures and denture reline cost. Hence, you can check out further options from your current government healthcare package for their additional benefits. Furthermore, patients may also want to avail health plans from private health insurance companies instead. Some community support groups that consist of medical and dental practitioners can also help in paying for your dentures and denture reline. In case you are wondering how much patients pay in other countries like Australia you can read about the costs at


How Do You Take Care Of A Denture Reline?

Denture Reline Cost

A person who wants to maintain the affordable costs of dentures should always clean and take care of the orthodontic appliance. Brushing your dentures according to what your dentist told you could prevent it from wearing down. Dentures need cleaning because it can also be a breeding place of bacteria and germs. Of course, it is also a great way always to floss your dentures to get rid of food debris stuck in between the false teeth. Also, don’t use abrasive cleaners, hot water, and prevent brushing the dentures too hard. You must ask your dentist to know the proper way of soaking your orthodontic appliance using denture cleaners. Here are some more facts that you should practice while wearing your dentures

  • Remove your dentures before sleeping or eating
  • Clean your dentures before putting them on your mouth
  • Brush your dentures for complete oral health maintenance
  • Avoid eating food that may damage your dentures
  • Buy denture cleaners to save time
  • Don’t use these items: hot water, bleach, whitening toothpaste, abrasive cleaners  
  • Look at the mirror for loose-fitting on your mouth
  • Soak your appliance every night
  • Have regular scheduling of appointments with a dentist
  • Check whether your loose fit requires a change from one denture to another
  • Don’t forget to ask important questions such as the right oral products for your mouth
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