Broken Jaw Treatment

A broken jawbone is a frequent facial trauma in adults. It can happen for a variety of reasons including bad falls, accidents, fights, and vigorous physical activities. A broken jaw treatment is determined by the doctor. A CT scan or an X-ray allows the specialist to gauge the severity of the damage and choose the appropriate course of action. A minor fracture can heal on its own over time. But more serious injuries may require immediate medical attention or even surgery so you should visit a 24/7 dentist or a hospital.

broken jaw treamentThe main symptom of a broken jaw is a pain. Other symptoms may occur as well including the inability to open or close the mouth, numbness, swelling, bruising, bleeding, etc. A broken jaw treatment starts with pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications. Further actions depend on the severity of the injury and other symptoms. For example, antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor to treat the possible infection that may occur in an open wound. The wiring may be used to secure the jaw and prevent it from moving, so the bones can heal properly. In some cases, surgery may be required to put the bones into the correct position and repair the other accompanying wounds such as fractured lip, damaged tongue, and gums.

There are things a person can do to enhance the healing process. The key to a broken jaw treatment is to give it a rest and allow the bones to mend properly. To limit the movement as much as possible, the patient should restrict his or her diet to soft food and liquids (i.e. smoothies, blended cereal, milk, yogurt, soups, etc.), and use a straw if the jaw is wired. Refraining from participating in any physical activities, keeping the mouth area clean and maintaining a healthy diet – all of these are going to help the bones heal faster and prevent any complications.


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