The specialist is checking the patient's ear.

Can An Ear Infection Cause Jaw Pain? What To Know?

Ear infections are the usual reasons for earaches and ear pain. Sometimes, the pain may spread to other parts near the ear. So, can an ear infection cause jaw pain? In fact, many conditions can cause pain in both your jaw and ears at the same time. A typical example is a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. If your jaw hurts regularly, it might be good to check in at a dental clinic for the TMJ test. Check out this clinic at

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The doctor will discuss the different eye emergencies.

When Do You Need Emergency Eye Care? (Six Common Conditions)

What is emergency eye care? Though our eyes are small parts of our face, they play the most vital role in our daily activity. With them, we can explore and go around freely. Unfortunately, we often take them for granted, not knowing that there are so many possible scenarios that can affect the condition of our eyes. This article will discuss what an eye emergency is and what to do in the given situation.

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