Temporary Tooth Repair

When a tooth gets broken and the dentist’s office is closed, a temporary tooth repair method would be necessary. Is it safe to administer temporary tooth repair treatments? Visit your dentist for more information on the cost of getting dental implants.


Temporary fixes for broken teeth

Tooth repair kits. There are many do-it-yourself products available for sale at any local pharmacy or drugstore that would enable you to put a temporary cap or filling on a broken tooth. These products can be self-administered at home and would include materials that will be mixed before placing them on the tooth, protecting it from further damage until you can visit a dentist. These products are not meant to be a permanent fix for teeth and should not be treated that way. A dentist should still be the one to administer the permanent fix to the broken tooth.


Take a painkiller. If the do-it-yourself tooth repair kit is not available, or if you are hesitant to use one, taking a painkiller would dull the pain until you will be able to see a dentist. This method will temporarily get rid of the pain until your dentist can fix the broken tooth.


Saltwater rinse. Saltwater is known to be a good temporary cure for tooth pain. It would reduce the swelling, if there is any and also numb the pain until you can see a dentist.


Gum. This method can be used if the broken tooth has a jagged edge. To prevent the sharp edge from cutting your gums and tongue, you can chew up a piece of sugar-free gum and use a part of that to cover up the sharp edge of the broken tooth. This will protect you temporarily until your dentist can repair the tooth with a more permanent solution. If you will need to have meals before you can see your dentist, take extra caution not to bite or chew using the broken tooth because that can cause more damage to it. This method is not recommended if there is a big part of the tooth missing. 


temporary tooth repairIf you have a tooth that got broken, you would need some sort of first aid, these are the safest ideas that are the easiest to administer. These methods are not in any way supposed to replace seeing your dentist. You should schedule an appointment as soon as you can. Sometimes, these emergencies may happen on a weekend, or on days when you are unable to see your dentist. These are ways by which you can save the tooth on your own until a dentist can fix it.

Take caution in using the DIY tooth repair kits, and also when taking pain killers. Just because the pain will be gone because of the temporary tooth repair method, it does not mean that the tooth will not need permanent repair. Remember that the tooth can still be damaged further if a proper filling or crown is not in place to protect it. The pain can also worsen if the nerves inside the tooth become exposed.


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