We cannot avoid sudden situations in our lives. When it comes to emergency cases, there can be accidents, dental injuries and tooth damages. These conditions need immediate medical attention. But what we need to ask is this, “Is there a dental emergency near me?”.

We cannot avoid sudden situations in our lives. When it comes to emergency cases, there can be accidents, dental injuries and tooth damages. These conditions need immediate medical attention. But what we need to ask is this, “Is there a dental emergency near me?”. You can go to West Ryde Dental’s clinic today if you need immediate attention.


Emergency dental care

kid with dental emergency while outdoorsSeeing that emergencies can always happen no matter how much we wanted to avoid it, we have to be prepared. Complete preparation includes knowing where to go in case you have an emergency.

One of the emergencies we can encounter is about our dental health. There can be accidents or injuries that may affect it that are beyond our control. However, there’s nothing to worry about if we only know which way we can go.

We have to know within our community if there are emergency dentists who offer after-hours services. Some of them might also have a 24-hour shift specializing in emergency cases. Dental emergencies are dental issues that need treatment right away. We have stated below some of the dental issues considered as dental emergencies.


Examples of dental emergencies

Here are some of the emergency cases that you can consider as urgent.

  1. You are experiencing swelling. Additionally, it is associated with severe pain. It could be a sign of a serious dental infection. Stay hydrated as much as possible.
  2. There is a presence of unstoppable bleeding. It can be a sign of advanced gum disease as well as gingivitis. Keeping your head elevated will help control the bleeding, but you have to call your dentist immediately.
  3. You have a completely unbearable toothache. It greatly affects your normal routines such as eating, sleeping or your other daily obligations.
  4. Your permanent tooth becomes loose or totally knocked-off from your mouth. Remember not to touch your loose tooth by the roots. Please pick it up carefully so that your dentist can preserve your tooth and possibly work on reinserting it.
  5. You have an injury in your jaw. You can apply a cold compress, but this totally requires attention from your dentist right away. This is a point often overlooked when addressed inside an ER.
  6. There is an abscessed tooth-a painful, pimple-like swell on the gums. This can be potentially life-threatening, especially if there is already a sign of infection.
  7. In case you have just finished an extraction and experienced a dry socket, you can proceed to your dentist immediately as well.

You have to be observant with your dental conditions. It would be best to know what condition is an emergency case. By all means, you can do the necessary primary actions while you travel into a dental emergency clinic near you.


Examples of non-emergency cases

Aside from emergency cases mentioned above, there are also dental issues that need attention from your dentist, but not urgently. Below are a few of them.

  1. You have a chipped or cracked tooth.
  2. Encountered a cracked bridge or crown.
  3. Experienced a broken retainer or dental filling.
  4. You only have mild dental pain.
  5. There is food stuck in between your teeth.

The conditions mentioned recently are cases that can wait for a while. A while means you can call your dentist the moment it happened and still be fine to wait for the available appointment. However, waiting does not mean a long period of time. Waiting too long might level up the situation and might elevate it to be an emergency case later on.


24-hour emergency dental care

dentists available 24-hoursThere are dental clinics with a 24-hour shift. They have emergency dentists that can address your emergency concerns. They might look into non-emergency situations as well in case you want to address them ahead.

An emergency dentist can be a general dentist or a dental specialist wherein there is no need to set an appointment to see them. Mostly, they are still available during the weekends.

Nevertheless, at times like this, it would be better if you know how to address dental conditions initially. As a result, you could lessen the discomfort or pain while you are on your way to the dental emergency nearest at you.


Prevention of dental emergencies

When we talk about dentistry, prevention will always be the key. It is better to visit a dentist regularly than undergo such emergency cases that could bring hassle to you and your loved ones. The best thing you can do to avoid these emergencies is to keep good oral dental care.

In these practices include maintaining a regular visit with your dentist. This way, they can immediately detect potential issues in your dental condition. As a result, you will no longer experience emergency cases in the future.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is the primary defense you have to prevent any emergency and non-emergency situations. You can visit DentistAlbany.com.au today if you need urgent dental care.

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