Types of hospital

A hospital is an institution that provides surgical and medical treatment to the injured and sick people. The growing number of health care institutions has provided patients with a considerable number of choices to make when it comes to receiving care from the health care providers. There are several types of medical facilities and hospitals, and one may wonder what makes a facility or hospital different from another. Hospitals and medical facilities, therefore, are differentiated based on some variety of factors like location, functionality, size, specialization, and ownership.

There are many types of hospitals in the world today.

Acute Hospital

One of them is the acute hospital which focuses entirely on the care and treatment of people with short-term medical needs like injuries, surgeries, diseases, illnesses, postnatal care, obstetrics care, and surgery recoveries. These hospitals are not equipped to manage long term care for chronic medical conditions of patients.

types of hospitalClinic

A clinic is another type of hospital which operates mainly on an outpatient basis and mainly equipped to handle patients on an overnight diagnosis, observation, treatment, and recovery.

Community Hospital

The community hospital is another type of hospital which is normally a non-teaching hospital equipped to serve the local communities without any assistance from the federal funding. They are mainly found in urban and rural settings and provide their essential services to the local populations.

Federal Hospital

Federal hospitals are also types of hospitals which obtain funds given to them by the federal government. They typically handle medical needs and health care of select populations such as Veterans and Native Americans in the United States.

Free Hospital

Free hospitals is another type of hospital which does not charge for the services they provide to their patients. They are usually located in the areas which reach out to patients of low social economic class and cannot be able to afford essential medical treatment.

General Service Hospital

General service hospitals is also another type of hospital which mainly focus on necessary and general services to the community like pediatric services, general medical care, and surgery. General services hospitals are also not well equipped to provide care for patients in the long term.


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