Dental Assistant Job Description

Dental assistants are generally responsible for supporting dentists perform their duties effectively while meeting the quality standards. And in that regard, they make valuable members of the hospital’s dental team. So if you can effortlessly describe yourself as a good communicator, who can withstand pressure and can withstand career prone responsibilities then being a dental assistant would suit you well. If you are interested to know other healthcare jobs, visit and read at

Dental Assistant Job Description 

In any dental office, the work of a qualified dental assistant is highly demanding, thus requires a lot of flexibility. From performing various technical duties to meeting the interpersonal needs of both patients and co-workers, it’s clear that the job description of a dental assistant involves a lot of tasks. When it comes to their duties, each state has its own sets of regulations. But the standard ones include;

  • dental assistant job descriptionCommunicating with the patients to get details about their dental history, before proceeding to measure their blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Ensures that patients are relaxed and comfortable as they wait to see the dentist, during any procedure and immediately after any dental procedure.
  • Offers a helping hand to the dentist on various treatment procedures.
  • Helps control infections sterilizes equipment and preparing tools for the next treatment.
  • Provides relevant oral care instructions to patients after treatments such as implants,
  • Teaches patients the importance of regular oral hygiene to maintain their oral health and general wellness.
  • Taking the patients’ models of teeth for various case studies
  • Prepares and maintains dental care services records of various patients.
  • Maintains a clean and fresh environment in the dental office
  • Positively contributes to team goals by fulfilling their designated duties on time
  • Helps the dentist handle various dentistry emergencies as they arise.
  • Prepares the treatment area by strictly adhering to the dentists’ instructions
  • Maintains the stock record of various dental supplies
  • Keeps up-to-date with technical and professional knowledge by attending training workshops on behalf of the organization.


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