Is it a major or minor emergency for your teeth?

It is safe to say that when a medical emergency happens, most of us already know what to do. But why is it that if a dental emergency strikes, we still end up putting it for the next day. So, here is a quick guide to help you determine which dental mishaps can be considered major or minor emergency so if need be, you will know when is the right time to secure available appointments online and when it is easier just to wait for your dentist’s office to open.

Where can we get dental emergencies?

We can get it from anywhere! While eating, playing sports, running or jogging around your neighborhood, or even walking your dog! What is important is you know what to do in case these scenarios happen and where to go should you need immediate dental assistance.

Toothaches. You were eating at a fine dining restaurant when you suddenly felt a very sharp pain in your mouth. Or you were just about to sleep when a shooting pain from the backs of your teeth suddenly brings you to your feet. What should you do? Toothaches are almost always considered as an emergency. As a minor emergency, home remedies can suffice, like rinsing with warm salt water and pain medication. But if your toothache is accompanied by bleeding, an immediate trip to an emergency dentist may be needed to save your tooth.

minor emergencyKnocked-out tooth. This may be considered a minor emergency if the tooth is still attached and you were able to carefully and safely put it back inside the socket as if nothing happened. You can put off your dental visit the next day just to let your dentist double check your partially uprooted tooth. But if you completely knocked it off, drive immediately to the doctor so he can save your tooth and put it back without any necessary procedures.

Oral infection. Do not get this wrong. An infection does not happen with a snap of a finger; like your dental cavity was spotless now, and then a few minutes you now have an oral infection! That is plainly absurd. Oral infection may have developed without you noticing it, and once it is noticeable enough, it is already causing so much damage. If the infection is nothing more than just cold sores or mild gingivitis, maybe home remedies can still address this minor emergency. However, if there is swelling, bleeding, and pain, then head on to the nearest emergency dental clinic because the infection, if left untreated, may travel to different organs of the body, especially the heart and brain.


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