Are you experiencing pain coming from your wisdom tooth? Read what to do at You do not have to worry about the wisdom tooth extraction cost. Let me help you with that by providing you with information about the costs. All you need to do now is continue reading this article.

Are you experiencing pain coming from your wisdom tooth? Read what to do at You do not have to worry about the wisdom tooth extraction cost. Let me help you with that by providing you with information about the costs. All you need to do now is continue reading this article.


Are you pained from your wisdom tooth?

We commonly hear the terms wisdom tooth instead of molars or adult teeth. Other countries have different names to call wisdom teeth. Most of us do have wisdom tooth. A person may also have more than four wisdom teeth. It usually grows out during the older ages, starting around 17 to 21 years old. However, not all wisdom teeth are visible.

Wisdom teeth are considered the most robust and most expansive teeth used to grind food. In reality, dentists remove millions of wisdom tooth. People do not have enough space left for the wisdom tooth to grow. Additionally, issues are occurring that leads to the need for wisdom tooth extraction. These factors include infection or cavities, damaged nearby teeth, brushing and flossing are not possible, and abnormal tissues are growing beside the wisdom tooth. These are also the reasons why we experience pain.


How to relieve pain before extraction

pain due to wisdom toothYou can follow some options to relieve the pain you feel before proceeding to extraction. We stated some of them accordingly.

  • Use a numbing gel. You can apply this commonly to the gums to reduce the pain you feel.
  • Take ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation. Always take over-the-counter medicines as prescribed.
  • Use an ice pack. It provides a numbing effect to the jaw. Doing this will also reduce inflammation.
  • Gargle using saltwater. Saltwater has this natural disinfectant property that will reduce the accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth.
  • Put cloves or use clove oil on the location of the affected tooth.

These are only temporary remedies that you can apply. However, it would be best if you still visited your dentist to remove the cause of pain entirely.

Symptoms to know you need a wisdom tooth extraction

Red, swollen, tender or bleeding gums, jaw pain and swelling, and difficulty opening the mouth are among the symptoms you can consider to undergo tooth extraction. You can also gain lousy breath and unpleasant taste in your mouth if you have infected molar tooth.

It can also develop into a cyst inside your mouth if not extracted. These are the sacs that surround the crown of the tooth and contributes to its formation. Problematic wisdom tooth also causes sinus issues, given that we can link these issues to dental problems. Some of these sinus issues are sinus pain, headaches and congestion.

All of these symptoms will significantly affect your daily routines and performance.


Wisdom tooth extraction cost

We can encounter a variety of cost for wisdom tooth extraction. It can differ per area within the country. You have to call your dentist and ask for the exact charges you can obtain from the extraction.

On the other hand, your dentist may also ask you to have an appointment with them. They need to confirm your condition initially before they can decide the price. They will check how they will do the extraction to you. Sometimes, the dentist removes the wisdom tooth using a simple extraction only. Others may be a little complicated than that. These procedures also make the cost vary for molar extraction.

On the positive side, there are dental insurance providers and medical insurance companies that accommodate and cover expenses for extraction. Dental insurance may have only a limited number of wisdom tooth it will cover for the extraction. However, it is better to acquire this dental insurance than shoulder all of the expenses from your pocket.

The cost differs according to your condition and needs for the removal procedure. It can be affordable and expensive as well.


What can you expect after the removal of wisdom tooth?

Just like any other procedure, you can expect to experience discomfort after the wisdom tooth surgery, especially after the anesthesia ran out.  You can also expect swelling, pain and bleeding after the extraction. You can apply some home remedies such as putting an ice pack to reduce the after-effects. The dentist will also provide you prescriptions in case you need to take medicines to manage the pain.

You have to do additional care to your teeth to prevent infection and other dental issues after the surgery. Recovery time may take around 3-4 days or weeks, depending on the level of surgery you have undergone. If you maintain good practices while you are at the healing stage, you will have a shorter time before you fully recover.


How should you care for your teeth after an extraction?

Here are some essential practices that you should do after an extraction:

  • Control your bleeding using a clean gauze or a teabag. Do this until the bleeding stops.relief after tooth extraction
  • Drink medicines as prescribed by your dentist.
  • Reduce your swelling using an ice pack.
  • Have enough rest. Avoid doing heavy tasks, especially on the day of the extraction.
  • Observe eating soft and healthy foods and drinks.
  • Gently do your brushing. If you apply too much force, it may cause serious complications.
  • Keep the location of extraction as clean as possible. Increased rinsing of your mouth using salt water will help.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Limit your intake of sugary foods.
  • Do not smoke.

It would help if you did apply these after your affected wisdom tooth is removed. You have to do these to avoid infection and prevent you from undergoing another procedure. If this happens, you will incur an additional cost for you.


Gentle reminders!

You are the overall in charge to maintain good health, and that includes caring for your oral condition. Undergo extractions if it is necessary. You can always do balancing the cost with the help of your dentist. You can even agree with some terms if you are lucky enough to have a gallant dentist. It depends if you are a long time patient already and a good negotiator as well.

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